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Equipment at Le Visage

Le Visage is equipped with all modern high level technology equipment. It is a completely paperless office with all forms of data stored digitally. Digital X-ray technology was adopted many years ago and in 2020 the most patient comfortable phosphor plate digital X ray system was incorporated. This also needs much lesser X ray raidation exposure. Le Visage also has a diode dental laser which eases out so many procedures for the patients.

One of the most high end acquisitions at Le Visage has been the intra oral scanner. This creates a digital 3D image of all the teeth with utmost fine accuracy. Gone are the days of putting impression materials into the mouth and wait for it to set. This digital scanner is just waved over the upper and lower teeth and in a matter of minutes the upper and lower teeth are completely scanned.

Le Visage is the first dental clinic in the world to have installed the Smylist diagnostic system which digitally checks for body balance and rotations of the mandible. This test is completed in all of one minute and can prove invaluable for any individual.

Le Visage has the all powerful negative ion generator as well as hepa filters intalled in its office to literally eliminate any chance of ambient viral infection of any kind. Le Visage also is a no-spitoon clinic with high vac suctions functioning all the time which ensures almost no aerosol generation and thus almost no contamination of ambient air.