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The philosophy at Le Visage

"The Face" ... is often referred to as the index of the mind. In fact, the face is very much a mirror of an individual's emotions and personality that comes across to others. Of the multiple elements that portray personalities, the smile is one of the key factors in establishing the identity of an individual.

Le Visage is involved in creating or redefining smiles and thus, enhancing the persona. Look us up !!! Meet people who have gained confidence to smile at one and all !!! Hear about the subtle or not so subtle changes in the lives of the those who underwent a smile change.

It is our belief that time is of prime importance to all patients. Le Visage functions on the basis of prior appointments for routine dental treatment. However, new patients and emergency cases are always handled on an immediate basis. Systems have been created whereby we offer patients full day appointment slots so as to minimize discomfort and maximize treatment outputs for our patients. The ultimate goal at Le Visage is to make available comfortable, painfree, high quality dentistry for all.